Faith and Media Initiative Reveals New Report at International Religious Freedom Summit

Report investigates the intersection of the media and religion sectors and their role in supporting modern, resilient civil society

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new report drafted by the Fund for Peace, and unveiled today by the Faith and Media Initiative, sheds light on how interactions between religion, culture, and the strength or weakness of economic and political environments can contribute to resilience in civil society.

“Coming Together or Coming Apart: An Analysis of Resilience and Freedoms of Media and Religion.”

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At the International Religious Freedom Summit, the Faith and Media Initiative (FAMI) and Fund for Peace hosted a panel discussion and presented the findings from the new report: “Coming Together or Coming Apart: An Analysis of Resilience and Freedoms of Media and Religion.” The report, sponsored by FAMI, focused on the intersection of media and religious freedoms as they relate to resilience in modern civil societies. Individual case studies (available on the FFP website) look at examples in Brazil, India, and Ethiopia – and found that media is an essential tool in building resilient societies that can weather the storms of economic, political and other shocks in our highly complex era of global connectedness. Click HERE to view the full report.

The panel discussion took place on Thursday in Washington, DC, with a robust debate around the topic and an introduction of the questions posed by the paper (from the Fund For Peace). Expert panelists ranged from prominent global business executives to faith and media leaders, including:

About the Fund for Peace

For over 60 years, the Fund for Peace (FFP) has been a world leader in developing practical tools and approaches for reducing conflict. With a clear focus on the nexus of human security and economic development, FFP contributes to more peaceful and prosperous societies by engineering smarter methodologies and smarter partnerships. FFP empowers policy-makers, practitioners, and populations with context-specific, data-driven applications to diagnose risks and vulnerabilities and to develop solutions through collective dialogue. FFP is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Abuja, Nigeria, Accra, Ghana, London, United Kingdom and Tunis, Tunisia. For more information, visit

About the Faith and Media Initiative

The Faith and Media Initiative (FAMI) brings together faith leaders, media members and content creators around shared interests, helping them create, collaborate and reach larger audiences. By joining forces, FAMI believes more can be done to heal divisions and promote understanding, inspire more balanced faith stories, and foster a healthy conversation about spirituality. For more information, visit

About the International Religious Freedom Summit

The International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit was hosted in Washington, DC from June 28-June 30. It was the second annual gathering of international freedom advocates and activists from around the world. It highlighted increasing threats to freedom of religion, conscience and belief, and offered the IRF community a chance to come together to advance shared goals for extending these fundamental freedoms to people and faith communities across the globe. For more information, visit


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