Delivering resources to thousands of Religious Persons displaced by Boko Haram

Where Things Stand

It is estimated that between 30-50,000 religious persons including Christians and Muslims have been displaced by the terrorist group Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. Many organizations including the Stefanos Foundation are responding to urgent humanitarian needs. Bellwether International is responding to needs not being addressed by the larger non-profit community including educational and long-term needs.

40,000 Books

Bellwether International has partnered with several on the ground, local non-profits in Nigeria to assess the needs of displaced persons and is currently working to provide 40,000 books and educational resources for parents, children, young adults, and religious organizations. Book ownership can promote a sense of community amidst homelessness, education amidst hopelessness, and excitement amidst distrustfulness.

Our Local Partnerships

Collection and delivery of the books, clothes, and supplies was facilitated through Books2Africa. We then partnered with Stefanos Foundation to deliver the resources to IDP camps across Nigeria. Pictured above are heads of schools who recently met to continue working with us on establishing literacy programs between children in IDP environments and local schools. Over 5,000 children will benefit directly from the resources delivered.